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Commercial and Small Business Loans – we can help!

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Our 100% financing program is available to Borrowers that meet the following criteria:

  • Business owner for three years- stable to upward cash revenue trends
  • Currently renting and looking to buy a lot – build a building or buy a building to rehab or as-is
  • Business must occupy 51% footprint of the building being purchased
  • $ 351K to $ 5M Loan amount
  • Amortization up to 25 year term
  • Interest rate: Wall Street Prime  + margin (2.75%) , SBA Guaranteed, P & I payment,  payment adjusts annually
  • No balloons, call provisions or financial covenants
  • Prepayment penalty is 3 years (5%, 3%, 1%)
  • Nationwide footprint
  • 45-60 day closings with responsive borrower.  60-90 day with delays
  • Credit score of 680 and above
  • No bankruptcy or foreclosure in past 5 years
  • Borrower is looking to buy a building with 100% financing to expand their business?  Roll closing costs and equipment into the loan.
  • Financing available for: industrial, manufacturing, hair/nail salon, medical/professional, gas stations/convenience stores, franchise restaurants and more!
  • 48-72 hour pre-screening review of credit package, with no charge or obligation
  • Business must be organized as a for profit company

Additional Programs: 

  • 90% Business acquisition and partner buyout.  Strong relevant management experience. Business acquisition-10-year term
  • 85% Franchise Finance-Acquisition, refinance, debt consolidation, business expansion and start-up for selected concepts

Documents Needed:

  • 3 Years Personal and Business tax returns
  • Current Interim Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet
  • Q2 Estimated Project Cost form, Business Debt Schedule, Management Resume and Personal Financial Statement (application)
  • Start-up we will need a complete three year business plan w/ Profit and Loss statements & resumes of key management
  • Plans and Specifications required-New Construction and rehab
  • IF an acquisition of an existing business, we will need three years business tax returns and financials of the business
  • Purchase Contract
  • Notes for debt to be refinanced
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